The Winery


Villa La Selva is located in Chianti, in Montebenichi in the Valdambra valley. Chianti is the first Italian wine area defined by Grand Duke Cosimo III dei Medici in 1716 Valdambra is an area that today, due to its climatic factors, is considered very interesting for the natural balance it expresses in wines. We embarked on a new viticultural strategy by switching to organic farming. We felt this need because it implies a particular way of life, respecting the land to re-establish an ideal balance between nature and human impact. We use only natural fertilisers to cultivate the vineyards, we do not use herbicides, and the control of under-row weeds is done mechanically and manually. We use practices such as spontaneous and controlled grassing. The company has completed the conversion to organic in September 2022.


An ancient and deep-rooted tradition

A new style of wine, always linked to tradition and in full respect of our vineyards but with a more contemporary vision. Important wines, fruit of the great passion that, together with my family and with the precious contribution of the people who work at Villa La Selva, we put into them every day. Wines that reflect the territorial identity that is at the heart of our winemaking philosophy. The primary characteristics of our wines are authenticity, intensity, balance and pleasantness.

The production of our wines


The approach in the cellar is fundamental to achieve a good result. The premises are completely air-conditioned and organised with modern systems, while at the same time maintaining the classicism and flavour of such a historic place. It is therefore necessary to adhere to simple but strict rules in respect of the grapes we grow. Simple but strictly controlled vinification, interventions reduced to a minimum, so as to give the fruit of the earth every chance to express itself in the best possible way.

Where we are

Loc. la Selva, Via Montebenichi 37, 52021 Bucine - Italy

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