Aria di Chianti “Il Rosso”

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An enveloping, fruity essence with a heart note of red grapes, enriched by nuances of seasoned woods reminiscent of wine tannins, vanilla, sweetened by a bouquet of berries and honey. The harmony of this fragrance makes it unique, an unforgettable sensory experience.

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Recommendations for use

Place the fragrance in the middle of the room or in transit areas for optimal diffusion. Avoid exposing the fragrance to direct sunlight or near heat sources to prevent evaporation and alteration. Insert all the sticks supplied in the pack into the bottle the first time and turn them over after about an hour so that they soak completely. As regards use over time, it depends on personal taste and how much you like the intensity of the scent. it is recommended to turn the sticks over every 1/2 day.

Olfactory pyramid

Olfactory family: fruity, honey

Top Notes: apple, raspberry

Heart Notes: red grapes, exotic fruits, peach

Base Notes: vanilla, white musk, orange, orange blossom


Do not use room fragrances for personal use in contact with the skin, they can stain. Do not light the sticks, the fragrance is flammable.
If the fragrance spills, dry as soon as possible to avoid staining surfaces.

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100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 3000 ml, Ricarica da 500 ml

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